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A force against all the contaminants in the universe
Stardust Clearcoat Protectant.png

Total Car Protectant 100

A total body protectant that is versatile, high performing, and cost effective. Great color, foam and fragrance.

Total Car Protectant 200

Clearcoat protectant that will outlast most others. Highly concentrated and effective

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Clearcoat Protectant 100

Our next-level protectant that repels rust and damage from the elements.

Clearcoat Protectant 200

Clearcoat Protectant 200 takes our dazzling, damage-defying formula to the next level for a more durable finish.

Stardust Clearcoat Protectant PNG.png

Stardust Clearcoat Protectant is the force against all that the universe throws at you- UV rays, bird droppings, caked on dry bugs and all of the other assaults on the clearcoat of your vehicle.  Protect the shine and keep the value of your vehicle high.

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